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February 20th
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February 21th
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Shira, Toxic Moxie, Zooanzoo & CELL SAGA
February 25th
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Welcome to Strange Matter! Richmond, Virginia's home for the best in underground music, art, and culture, VEGAN FRIENDLY/CARNIVORE APPROVED eats, and the city's best classic arcade. Follow the links above or below to browse our menu or calendar of events, learn more about the space or the city, find tickets to our upcoming shows and more.

February Calendar

Pop-punk bills so stuffed with nationally-known headliners that they have no room for locals are becoming more and more of a thing around these parts lately, and while I’m sure there are some bands hurting about missing the chances to open for various heroes of theirs, the pop-punk-loving denizens of this city are sure to be stoked at getting even more bang for their buck. Lemuria coming to town as part of a 10th-anniversary celebration for their legendary debut album Get Better (oh cool, yet another reminder that I’m a million years old) is excellent enough that the kids would come out in droves even if the openers were “veteran local scenester’s new band playing their third show” and “random kids you’ve never heard of from the suburbs.” But when the openers are none other than Cayetana and Mikey Erg, well damn–now you’ve got a bill on your hands! Philly’s Cayetana are slightly younger, louder, and snottier than Lemuria, but are built on very similar DNA–irresistible melodies, snarky lyrics, gorgeous female vocals, peppy tempos, crunchy guitar chops… it’s all here. And Mikey Erg kinda laid the cornerstone for post-Y2K DIY pop-punk all by himself, if you think about it. Sure, his compatriots in The Ergs were a big help, but once he went on to play in The Unlovables, The Measure (SA), The Worriers, and something like 15 other bands (if not more), he’d pretty much established his presence in a class by himself. And this guy is the opener for this show. How amazing is that? Look, you’d drop $10 just to see any ONE of these performers. $13 for all three? That’s a steal. Don’t mess this one up. CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS!

Lemuria, Cayetana & Mikey Erg are coming to Strange Matter on Tuesday, February 21st! CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS!

STRANGE MATTER T-SHIRTS EXIST! Thanks to our good buddy Will Towles for this badass artwork. Pick one up at the bar for $12.50!


Many thanks to our pal Armistead Spottswoode over at WCVE's Midnight Frights for producing this cool little spot extolling our many virtues. All you dingleberries on iPhones (or any dingleberries who can't see the embedded video) should click here.

Be sure to tune in to your Community Idea Station every Saturday at midnight for Midnight Frights.

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