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October 27th
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White Fang, No Parents, Birth Defects & LANCE BANGS
October 28th
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GARRETT KLAHN (of Texas is the Reason), Alcoa & Murabess
October 31th
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Vacation, Shellshag, DADMOBILE & TONI JABRONI
November 1st
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Welcome to Strange Matter! Richmond, Virginia's home for the best in underground music, art, and culture, VEGAN FRIENDLY/CARNIVORE APPROVED eats, and the city's best classic arcade. Follow the links above or below to browse our menu or calendar of events, learn more about the space or the city, find tickets to our upcoming shows and more.

October Calendar

JEFF ROSENSTOCK is a musician from Brooklyn via Long Island (which I guess is like saying Long Island via Long Island) who has sang and written songs for Bomb the Music Industry!, Kudrow and The Arrogant Sons of Bitches. He has also played in The Biscuits, The Simpsons, Bruce Lee Band, Laura Stevenson and the Cans, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Mustard Plug and Shinobu over the years as well as recorded the first Daytrader EP. Jeff is stoked on this tour with HARD GIRLS and KATIE ELLEN (ex-Chumped) and has the following to say! "Holy freakin' moly we're going on tour with two of our favorite bands this fall - Hard Girls and Katie Ellen. It's going to be bonkers and insane. YOU WILL HAVE FUN. DOESN'T THAT SOUND FUN? FUN FUN FUN???? Wanna know more? We made a video to let you know everything about more!!!" CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS!

JEFF ROSENSTOCK, HARD GIRLS & KATIE ELLEN are coming to Strange Matter on Monday, October 24th! CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS!

STRANGE MATTER T-SHIRTS EXIST! Thanks to our good buddy Will Towles for this badass artwork. Pick one up at the bar for $12.50!


Many thanks to our pal Armistead Spottswoode over at WCVE's Midnight Frights for producing this cool little spot extolling our many virtues. All you dingleberries on iPhones (or any dingleberries who can't see the embedded video) should click here.

Be sure to tune in to your Community Idea Station every Saturday at midnight for Midnight Frights.

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